How to maximize the benefits of LinkedIn

If LinkedIn was your home, what would it say about you? Similar to an office setting, it could be hard to separate the personal from the professional, but you will need to filter your messages. All to protect your personal brand and to leave a good impression. For example, you can talk about your weekend with colleagues but you don’t want to overwhelm everyone with your personal life.

How to be happy?

If happiness was a pill, most probably it would have been the most prescribed. People follow funny influencers on social media, appreciate friends who make them happy or buy gifts for their family members to draw a smile on their faces. These tendencies convinced brands to sell their products as sources of happiness. Can these…

Gratitude is a life value

Gratitude is a value that we can learn and practice. So, how can we develop it? There are many ways that can help us show positive emotions and that can lift our spirits. Below is a list that can help us show how grateful we are on a daily basis.